Green Gas
Green Gas

WE 2X High Performance Green Gas 800ml / 300g Can. WE Airsoft 2X green gas is the new premium power high performance gas for blow back guns. WE 2X gas contains a high performance silicone lubricant designed for the seals and internals of your gun. The gas is CFC free, and fights corrosion and rusting on metal airsoft internals. This green gas can be used for all gas guns with either fixed slides or GBB. (Not recommended for guns with plastic slides).

  • Brand: WE
  • SKU: GAS-WE-2X-1

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Specification / Features

  • Suitable for gas powered fixed slide & blow back guns.
  • WE 2X green gas contains a high performance silicone lubricant.
  • WE green gas is specially formulated to give you the edge.
  • Compatible with all major gas powered bb airsoft / softair guns.
  • Fights corrosion & CFC free.
  • Quality WE / Wei / Tech company original product.
  • Plastic nozzle.