Nupro Battle Pro Tan Frame Clear Lens Airsoft Glasses

Tan Frame
Tan Frame

Nuprol Battle Pro Gen II Airsoft Safety Glasses Tan Frame / Clear Lens. These glasses offer a high lever of protection at a competitive price, you only get 1 pair of eyes so look after them with Nupro Battle Pro's. For users who who need prescription lenses, optional lens inserts are available which fit behind the main lenses of the glasses.

  • Brand: Nuprol
  • SKU: Glasses-NP-007

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Specification / Features

  • Conforms to CE EN166 standards (for ballistic eye wear).
  • Energy resistance (B). Resists 6mm, 086g ball at 120 m/s (390 fps / 268 mph).
  • Glasses have a anti slip texture.
  • Includes a protective storage sleeve.
  • Elastic head strap.
  • Anti fog & anti scratch coated lenses.
  • Lenses offers UV400 protection.
  • Prescription lens insert ready.