The Tuddenham site is an old Second World War RAF Lancaster bomber base. The site has thirteen original playable buildings of various shapes and sizes ideal for CQB games. There are also large open skirmish areas, including a large scrub land which has metal shipping containers and a trench system. Then we have a medium sized woodland (45 Acre). A concrete road runs down the middle of the site. Onsite are 2 portable toilets, and a brick building which is used as the safe zone and for registration. The safe zone has plenty of table space for players’ kit etc. During our events we also have a full onsite shop where you can purchase all your consumables and accessories, from gas and bb's to that new gun. The safe zone has ample car parking space and free overnight camping is available if you wish to arrive the night before a game. (Please however let us know in advance if you intend to camp over).