TeamGreen Airsoft



Rules will always be read our prior to every day's activities. In case of any differences, the rules read out on the day will always take precedence.


  • When shot, a loud call of 'HIT' should be made and the player is considered out of the game. The player must place a hand in the air to show they are no longer live and immediately fall to the ground calling for a 'Team Medic'.
  • A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochets must also be taken, if you think you've been hit, take it.
  • Friendly fire counts as a hit!
  • Dead players 'DO NOT TALK' other than to use the 'DEAD MAN WALKING' or 'MEDIC' calls. Anything else is cheating.


  • A live team mate must tie one of your bandages to your arm to make you live again.
  • To move a wounded player, place a hand on their shoulder during the entire move, if this contact is broken, the player must fall to the ground.
  • Bandages must be applied while stationary using both hands.
  • If either layer is hit during the Medic heal or move, then both must take KIA and return to HQ or a filed pack to re insert.
  • If a Medic hasn't got to you after 30 seconds, you may try to crawl to a live player. Take down your hand and you must crawl. if shot whilst crawling, you are KIA. You must keep calling out for a team medic during the crawl and once committed you can't stop the crawl.
  • If no one gets to you after a minimum of 2 minutes, or both of your bandages have been used, you have bled out and are KIA.
  • You can take an immediate KIA only if you're wounded in the middle of a fire fight and you can't avoid being shot! otherwise stay on the ground for at least 2 minutes, calling for a team Medic.
  • KIA means returning to a fixed regen (HQ or field pack) . Running out of bandages, bleeding out, Knife kills, and shot during Medic,moves or crawls are all KIA's


  • Inside- Whole building or structure is killed.
  • Outside - 5m radius - cover has no effect. if an explosive grenade lands within 5m of you, you are going to take a hit when it goes off, running away and blowing up spectacularly is optional.


  • For outside use only - 5m radius area denial. If an incendiary / gas grenade goes off within 5m of you, it's time to run away before you burn / choke to death. Don't worry where the smoke blows, you just need to stay out of a 5m circle around the Pyro until it has finished smoking.
  • Red / pink smoke = incendiary device, everyone is affected.
  • Other colours = gas grenades, gas mask wearer are not affected.


Whilst in the field all players must:
  • Carry 2 Bandages.
  • Carry no more than 2 explosive grenades.
  • Carry no more than 2 smoke / gas / incendiary grenades.
  • Soldier / Rifleman can only carry 600 rounds of ammo loaded in magazines.
  • Support Gunner can only carry 3000 rounds of ammo loaded in magazines.
  • Sniper can only carry 120 rounds of ammo loaded in magazines.
  • Players must not take into the field any more magazines than their ammo limit.
  • Reloads are only permitted at your HQ or field pack (if used).
  • You may carry only 3 standard loaded pistol magazines, any more than that must be subtracted from your main limit.


Anyone found repeatedly breaking any of the game or site rules, or otherwise behaving in a disruptive or overly aggressive manner will be removed from the game for 5 minutes. If this behaviour continues they will be asked to leave the site. Abusive, violent or threatening behaviour towards other players, Marshals or Managers will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from all our sites.

Remember, we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves - don't take the game too seriously!!!


These Rules Are For Your Own Safety And The Safety Of Others.
Be Safe And Enjoy The Games